SVP-24 Gefest for Navy Su-24

SVP-24 Gefest for Navy Su-24 5 August, 2020

Russia, which has a large number of combat jets inherited from the Soviet Union in its inventory, continues the modernization activities of the platforms in line with its requirements.

Su-24Ms (NATO Reporting Name: Fencer), which constitute an important ground attack force for the Russian Navy, are equipped with new navigation and targeting systems. It was announced that the integration of SVP-24 Gefests into the Navy Su-24Ms was started, which were tested many times in combat conditions in Syria. It is stated that the system, which started to be installed on the platforms of the 43rd Naval Air Regiment based in Crimea, will allow more interaction with the elements on the ground.

SVP-24 Gefest, which is stated to increase the attack efficiency on the sea surface and land targets, is a computer system. The complex, which has built-in navigation, targeting and communication equipment, increases the accuracy of the Su-24Ms by three times. Thanks to its advanced electronic and electro-optic equipment, SVP-24 Gefest allows unguided ammunition to be released with high precision from an altitude of 20,000 feet. Gefest, which is also used by the Su-25SM3 (NATO Reporting Name: Frogfoot), Tu-22M3 (NATO Reporting Name: Backfire) and some Su-33s (NATO Reporting Name: Flanker), allows for unguided ammunition releasing capability to the pilot with smart bomb sensitivity, according to Russian statements.

SVP-24 Gefest for Navy Su-24

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