T-14 Armata at Syria

T-14 Armata at Syria 27 April, 2020

Russia changed the balance in the region by intervening in the Syrian Civil War, also continues its weapon trials.

Having the opportunity to test almost all conventional weapons and new projects on the field by evaluating the war environment in Syria, Moscow added another one to its tests. Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov announced on the Rossiya-1 television channel that T-14 Armata main battle tanks are also tested in Syria. While announcing that the mass production process will start in 2021, Manturov also informed that the necessary certification for the export model has been completed and thus sales doors have been opened to foreign users.

Currently, platforms are undergoing additional trials in line with the Ministry of Defense's new technical solution requests. Although Russia decided to start the serial production phase of the new generation T-14 Armata in the period of 2019-2020, the decision was postponed due to economic reasons.

T-14 Armata at Syria

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