T-64 Modernization

T-64 Modernization 30 July, 2020

The main battle tanks that were produced during the Cold War years have reached the end of their economic life. User countries are launching programs one after the other to upgrade the systems in question in line with their requirements.

Uzbekistan, which has some T-64 main battle tanks in its inventory, has taken action for the modernization of the platforms. State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the Defence Industry announced that the army trials of the first prototype were completed. The board, which found the results successful, decided to upgrade other platforms to the MV standard.

Within the scope of modernization, the tanks' 700 hp 5TDF engines were replaced by 840 horsepower V-84 diesel engines, which also drive the T-72s. Thanks to this, platforms achieved similar mobility with the tanks in question. The explosive reactive armour equipment on the hull and turret of the T-64MVs, which, was also upgraded. It was observed that slat armour equipment was integrated into the side of tanks with increased survivability. Within the scope of the package, the existing communication systems of the T-64s were replaced with digital radios.

Issue 86