T-90 Tanks at Baghdad 2 February, 2018

Iraq began receiving T-90S and T-90SK tanks, which it ordered in 2014. Under the deal, a total of 73 T-90S and SK will be delivered to Iraq. Together with the tanks, it is stated that logistics vehicles are being delivered under the agreement.

T-90S and SK has increased survivability compared to the T-72B3 tanks currently in use in the Iraqi Army.

The T-90S is the most advanced tank of the T series tanks which currently in active service. There is a laser warning system in the tank that detects laser emissions from laser-guided missiles or laser rangefinders and allows the user to automatically turn the turret to laser source.

The T-90SK is a modified version of the T-90 tanks for command and control. In addition to the standard equipment on the platform, the R-168-100KBE high frequency radio set, TNA-4-3 tank navigation equipment and PAB-2M sights are available.

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