TAFF Announcement

TAFF Announcement 16 December, 2016

The results of “R&D 250 Research”, prepared according to the data obtained within the scope of the research “Top 1000 Exporters Companies Of Turkey” announced by Turkey Exporters' Assembly have announced. According to the research, prepared by Turkishtime Journal and indicating the companies, making the most R&D investments, the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation has taken place in the top ten of the list with its 4 subsidiaries and 2 affiliates.  
The research has revealed that the R&D expenses of the companies, made in 2015, reached to 4.6 billion TL with an increase of 1 billion TL compared to those in 2014.  The share of the R&D expenses in the gross domestic product was recorded as 1.01 percent. The staff working at the R&D Department of 250 participating companies was recorded as 15 thousand 975.  
ASELSAN ranked number one in the R&D 250 List as it was in 2014. ASELSAN left behind its competitors both in terms of expenses and staff.  TAI, ROKETSAN and HAVELSAN showed the success by entering in the list from the third rank, fifth rank and eighth rank, respectively. The foundation’s affiliates; NETAŞ, Mercedes-Benz Turk and TEI, ranked number nine, ten and fifteen respectively. The management strategy of TAFF, which allocates 70% of the companies’ profits to the companies and ensures that the entire profits are transferred to the investment and R&D, has played an active role in the emergency of this situation 
The subsidiaries did not leave the leadership to any other company in the number of staff employed in R&D department. The total R&D Staff of the companies taking place in R&D 250 List was recorded as 15.975. 4 TAFF subsidiaries accounted for 21,14% of this figure with their 5.129 staff. Besides this, these four subsidiaries together with 1.8 billion TL accounted for 15,44% of the total R&D expenses, valued at 4.6 billion TL.

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