TAFF Dominated R&D

TAFF Dominated R&D 16 December, 2016

Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF) has taken place in the top fifteen of the “R&D 250 Research” list with its 4 subsidiaries and 2 affiliates.  ASELSAN ranked number one in the R&D 250 List, while TAI, ROKETSAN and HAVELSAN ranked third, fifth and eighth respectively. The foundation’s affiliates NETAŞ entered the list from the ninth rank, Mercedes-Benz Turk from the tenth rank and TEI from the fifteenth rank. In its press release, Turkish Armed Forces Foundation said: “The management strategy of TAFF, which allocates 70% of the companies’ profits to the companies and ensures that the entire profits are transferred to the investment and R&D, has played an active role in the emergency of this situation.”

TAFF Dominated R&D

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