TAFF Welcomes IDEF at its 30th Anniversary

TAFF Welcomes IDEF at its 30th Anniversary 8 May, 2017

Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF) is getting prepared for IDEF at the 30th anniversary of its establishment. On this occasion, Deputy General Manager Sadık Piyade conveyed us the founding purpose, contemporary issues and targets of the Foundation.

C4Defence: This year is the 30th Anniversary of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. What kind of progress has the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF) made in these 30 years and what kind of contributions has it made to the Turkish Armed Forces? Could you please evaluate both in terms of figures and management mentality?

TAFF Deputy General Manager Sadık Piyade: As is known, the purpose of establishment of the TAFF, established on 26 September 1987 after Turkish Army Foundation, the Turkish Naval Foundation and the Turkish Air Forces Foundation were merged pursuant to the TAFF Law no. 3388, was determined in the Articles of Foundation of the TAFF as to provide the moral and material support of our Nation in order to make contribution to the enhancement of the war power of the Turkish Armed Forces by means of developing our national war industry, establishing new war industry areas and procuring armaments, tools and materials. 

In this context; the TAFF, established by the limited resources of the valuable Turkish Nation and brought to these days by its donations, is a strategic opportunity and capability provider for the Turkish Armed Forces.

It is observed that a significant improvement has been provided within 30 years of operation by the strategic decisions of the Board of Trustees and also the efficient management and guidance of the TAFF and its subsidiaries by the authority granted to the General Manager by the TAFF.


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