TAI Raised Hands

TAI Raised Hands 1 May, 2017

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) raises the level of participation in International Defense Industry Fair IDEF'17. TAI who was prepared to exhibit platforms such as Hürkuş and Anka with training and surveillance duties until a few weeks ago, has now raised hands.

The company launched the long-range anti-tank missile UMTAS from Hürkuş, and MAM-L from the unmanned aerial vehicle Anka last week. Both platforms have now become capable of carrying Cirit. As a result of these two innovations, the platforms have gained the ability to strike.

TAI will now exhibit Hürkuş with UMTAS and Cirit, ANKA with MAM-L and Cirit. On the other hand, the company will exhibit the T-129 Attack helicopter, 20 of which has been delivered to the Turkish Land Forces.

Innovation from TAI

TAI will also exhibit the T-625 indigenous national helicopter mock-up for the first time at IDEF 2017. Images of the T-625 before the painting were leaked to social media last week.

TAI Raised Hands

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