TAI's ANKA-S Improves Capabilities

TAI's ANKA-S Improves Capabilities 27 December, 2016

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) ceaselessly continues its work under ANKA-S Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) project. Having made developmental studies depending on ANKA Blok-B UAV, which already received acceptance notice, TAI improves operational capabilities of ANKA-S systems by integrating the UAV with new generation, indigenious high definition (HD) day and night cameras and radio relay. TAI commenced the flight tests of ANKA-S UAV in the last quarter of 2016. Following the completion of qualification and acceptance tests, TAI is to deliver a total 10 UAVs to Turkish Air Forces. The first six vehicles are scheduled to be delivered in 2017, while the deliveries of the remaining four are scheduled in 2018.

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TAI's ANKA-S Improves Capabilities

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