TAI's ANKA-S Successfully Completed its First Flight

TAI's ANKA-S Successfully Completed its First Flight 29 September, 2016

Turkey’s only MALE-class (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) UAV ANKA has reached a significant milestone. Turkey Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) completed the first flight of ANKA-S on Sunday, an improved version of ANKA family UAV aquired by Turkish Air Force. Starting their work with ANKA-A version which became operational in Elazig, TAI compeleted the tests of ANKA-B as well. Following these developments, having gained new features upon Air Force’s requirements, the UAV’s productive activity had been completed and was getting ready for its first flight. Having the highest payload capacity, Turkey’s first  satellite-controlled UAV ANKA-S has taken-off from Sivrihisar on 25 September, Sunday, operated for 2,5 hours and landed, all autonomously. Many new generation features demanded by Turkish Air Force were tested on this flight, which utilized new generation national mission and flight control system software.
 The ground control station were equipped with aircraft and payload control computers developed in scope of international certification rules which uses indigenious real-time operating system. 
Using many new generation software and hardware developed by leading companies of the nation, the system achieved success in tests, demonstrating improving technology of country’s defence industry. 
Its reveiled with this flight that the production of ANKA-S UAV was going in conformity with the schedule. Reportedly, the second UAV was ready for flight while the first was in-flight. The deliveries are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2017. 


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