Tank Destroyers Increasing

Tank Destroyers Increasing 19 May, 2020

The wheeled fire support vehicles offer important advantages to the user thanks to their rapid reaction capabilities, off-road performances and high firepower.

The fire support vehicles, which are prominent with their advanced capabilities and fast movement on the highway infrastructures, as well as operational possibilities in the field conditions, can be engaged to tanks thanks to the weapons they are equipped with. In this way, the use of platforms, which have reached a wide range of tasks, is becoming more common day by day. China, which has a wide wheeled infrastructure and modernizes its capabilities with new platforms, continues its procurement processes. In the images published in the past days, it was detected that the Chinese People's Liberation Army took the ZTL-11 8x8 with 105 mm main weapon into its inventory. The platforms spotted on the highway, later carried out training activities on field conditions.

The platforms, which were previously took in inventory by by the Chinese Marines, has a crew of four, including the commander, gunner, loader and driver. The front part of the vehicles, which made of welded steel, is resistant to 20 mm armor-piercing ammunition and the sides are 12.7 mm ammunition resistant. The ZTL-11s' 105 mm rifled gun can fire APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) ammunition and antitank missiles, as well as high explosive anti-tank and high explosive rounds. Thanks to the computerized fire control system and stabilization system, platforms have high precision accuracy also equipped with CBRN protection. Amphibious vehicles equipped with combat management system, air-conditioning and satellite-based positioning system can move in water thanks to two water jets in the back.

Tank Destroyers Increasing

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