Tank Delivery to Pakistan

Tank Delivery to Pakistan 22 April, 2020

Despite its limited opportunities and virus epidemic, Pakistan continues to work on reinforcing its army and received a new delivery.

Islamabad, which received the first batch of modernized T-55 tanks from Serbia in the past weeks, announced that the first VT4s it procured from China arrived in the country yesterday. In 2019, the delivery ceremony was held in mid-April 2020 for the platforms selected by the Pakistani Army, and the platforms set off in the direction of the user. It was stated that the tanks, which were observed to have a reactive armour system, will form the backbone of the future armoured power of the country with the Al Khalid II main battle tank.

VT-4 main battle tanks, which can be described as the enhanced model of MBT-2000 platforms, have a similar crew configuration, 125-mm gun and autoloader. It is stated that Pakistan may acquire up to 100 VT4 to close the current deficit in the period when the domestic systems will go into production.

Tank Delivery to Pakistan

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