Solving Agreement for Refueling Tanker

Solving Agreement for Refueling Tanker 9 April, 2020

KC-46A Pegasus's full of problems career continues. The USA continues its efforts to solve the problems detected on the aircraft.

Boeing and the USA signed a new agreement on April 2. Under the contract, the RVS (Remote Vision System) problems experienced in the KC-46A Pegasus will be solved. The system allows the operator to safely handle the boom system in refuelling missions. However, in some ambient conditions, depth of field problems caused by cameras prevented the safe replenishment of aircraft. To solve the problem, Boeing developed the LiDAR (Light Detecting and Ranging) system. LiDAR, which determines the position of aircraft with respect to distance and tanker with high precision, directs the pilot and ensures more precise execution of approach procedures. The system aims to increase flight safety by integrating the system into KC-46As with a $ 55 million agreement.

Unlike its predecessors, the boom equipment, which provides fuel transfer is controlled not remotely from the section in the tail in the old generation aerial refuelling tankers. This task can be executest remotely from the area allocated to the refueling operator in the aircraft in new generation platforms.

Solving Agreement for Refueling Tanker

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