Thailand's Navy Backbone Will Come from China

Thailand's Navy Backbone Will Come from China 16 September, 2020

Thailand will buy vn16 amphibious light tank from China for the Navy. The VN16, an export version of the ZTD-05 tank developed by China, is particularly capable of being an amphibious light tank used by marine corps.

The tracked vehicle is left out of the landing ships and reaches the shore with its own means. A 105 mm laser guided anti-tank missile has been developed based on Russian 9M117 Bastion (NATO code: AT-10 Stabber) technology for the platform's main weapon.

The front of the VN16s, which are planned to form the backbone of the navy's amphibious power, is 25 mm and the remaining compartments are resistant to 7.62 mm ammunition.

Thailand's Royal Navy has allocated a budget of 405 million Baht for three platforms in the first phase.

China, Ghana, Namibia and Venezuela are using variants of the ZTD-05 tank operationally.

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