TB2 to Illuminate 230 Missile to Shoot

TB2 to Illuminate 230 Missile to Shoot 30 August, 2020


ROKETSAN unveiled a new system 230 mm laser-guided artillery missile system to provide firepower to land forces.

As a result of military operations carried out across the border, Turkey realised the need for a newborn. The design of the Laser Guided 230 mm Artillery Missile System, whose requirements are determined by taking into account the urgent needs in the field, started in April 2020 during the Pandemic process. Sub-system verification studies were completed in early July 2020. The design process of the Laser Guided 230 mm Artillery Missile System proceeded in coordination with Roketsan and Baykar Defence. As a result of the study, the targets marked by the Baykar TB2 UAV from afar will be destroyed with the precision of the point hit with the firing power to be provided from the land. The first shot of the 230 mm missile system was realized live broadcasting.

The missile is a derivative of TRG-230 Missile. 

TRG-230 Missile provides accurate and effective fire power on high priority targets within the ranges 20 – 70 km.

TRG-230 Missile can be launched from ROKETSAN Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) Weapon System, MCL (Multi-Caliber Launcher) Artillery Weapon System and  other platforms with compatible interfaces.

System Specifications

• 7/24 All Weather/Terrain Usage Capability
• Ready to Fire
• Highly Accurate
• Low Collateral Damage
• Precision Strike Capability
• Anti-Jamming/Anti-Spoofing Solutions

Potential Targets

• Targets Located with High Accuracy
• Artillery and Air Defence Systems
• Radar Sites
• Assembly Areas
• Logistic Facilities
• C3 Facilities
• Other High Priority Targets

Technical Specifications


230 mm


210 kg


20 - 70 km


Aerodynamic Control with Electromechanical Actuation System

Propellant Type

Composite Solid

Warhead Types

High Explosive + Steel Ball

Warhead Weight

50 kg

Warhead Effective Radius

≥ 55 m

Fuze Type

Point Detonating and Proximity

Accuracy (CEP)

≤ 10 m


Video :

TB2 to Illuminate 230 Missile to Shoot

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