Delay on TCG Anadolu

Delay on TCG Anadolu 8 June, 2020

President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir has a guest of the live broadcast on NTV. Answering the questions on the Turkish defence sector, Professor. Dr. Demir made important statements about the construction process of TCG Anadolu.

Sad news came from TCG Anadolu (L 400), the construction activities continue under the amphibious platform requirements of the Turkish Navy, by the main contractor of Sedef Shipyard. President of Defence Industry Prof. Dr. Demir announced that there could be a delay in the delivery of TCG Anadolu to the Turkish Navy, the end user, due to the COVID-19 process, which is effective worldwide and adversely affects many industries. Thus, a 3-4 month delay was brought to the agenda due to the disruptions caused by the virus in the process.

In order for TCG Anadolu to enter the Turkish Navy inventory as soon as possible, the works were accelerated and some precautions were taken in the pre-virus period for the execution of a series of processes.

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