Domestic Guards to TCG Anadolu Task Force

Domestic Guards to TCG Anadolu Task Force 29 May, 2020

President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir was the guest of SETA (Political, Economic and Social Research Foundation) joint live broadcast with SSB.

Prof. Dr. Demir answered the questions about the future of the TCG Anadolu (L 400) amphibious assault ship and the task force ships. He underlined that such platforms will not be assigned alone. While it was pointed out that there are many platforms currently under construction or R&D processes, it was emphasized that the most important of these are TF-2000 class frigates and MilDen (Milli Denizaltı / National Submarine) Projects. President Demir added that when the ships in question started to work actively, they would create an important power factor in the region and that they would definitely be in the TCG Anatolian Task Group.

Regarding the power systems, it continues to work on different types of engines in various fields. In addition to various piston engines, from small UAV engines to large land vehicle propulsion systems, Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir stated that work is underway for different gas turbine propulsion equipment in the aviation field. In addition, studies on new generation equipment such as electrical and hybrid drive systems are ongoing.

In the interview, the studies in the field of the satellite were also mentioned. While the year 2025 is marked for the first satellites that will reach the orbit with domestic systems, studies on solid fuel, liquid fuel and hybrid satellite launch systems continue.

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