TCG Anadolu is waiting for the end of 2020

TCG Anadolu is waiting for the end of 2020 21 November, 2019

President of Defence Industry Dr. İsmail Demir said that they would deliver the TCG Anatolian Ship to the Navy towards the end of 2020.

The multi-purpose amphibious assault ship (Landing Helicopter Dock /LHD) TCG Anadolu, is under construction in Istanbul Tuzla. Demir has paid a visit to investigate developments in TCG Anatolia. Demir, following visit, made a statement:

“Our boat, known to the public as an aircraft carrier, is being carried out very regularly and when we talk to the shipyard for a while, we have seen that measures have been taken and it continues. We planned to have it delivered a year earlier than the planned time. Hopefully, by the end of 2020, we will deliver this ship to our Navy. While conducting this review, we made on-site determinations about the localisation of various products and the use of domestic products and projects. We hope that we will be assertive in terms of both design and different materials and systems. We hope it will be beneficial to our Navy. ”

Approximately 60 people were assigned to TCG Anatolia. In the next phase, some changes are expected to be made to accelerate the acceptance process. In this context, part of the sea navigation tests is planned to take place after acceptance tests in a way that does not disturb the process.

The construction of the TCG Anatolian Ship, which can transfer a force of a minimum battalion size to the designated location with its own logistical support without the need of home base support, is being continued at the Sedef Shipyard in Tuzla, Istanbul.

TCG Anadolu will carry four Mechanized Extraction Vehicles, two Air Cushion Extraction Vehicles known as “hovercraft,, two Personnel Extraction Vehicles, as well as aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. The 231 meter long and 32 meter wide ship will have a full load displacement of approximately 27,000 tons. The hovercraft ”period in Anatolia

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