Domestic ARAS-2023 for Turkish Indigenous LHD

Domestic ARAS-2023 for Turkish Indigenous LHD 10 April, 2020

TCG Anadolu (L 400) is counting days to enter the Turkish Navy inventory. In this process, the systems that will be integrated into the platform also appear.

ARAS-2023 diver detection sonar will protect TCG Anadolu, whose construction activities are continuing in Sedef Shipyard located in Istanbul. The system developed by Armelsan Defence Technologies company offers the possibility of early detection of attacks to be made by underwater units.

ARAS-2023, which is an active sonar system, has a 360-degree sonar coverage. The system, which can show the location of the incoming threat in polar and cartesian coordinates with high sensitivity, has an automatic warning system and can handle 2 thousand contacts at the same time. Sonar, which has features such as data recording and replay, is suitable for network-centric use with multiple underwater units. ARAS-2023 can operate at a depth of 5 to 50 meters. The system can detect divers using open-circuit breathing systems from 800 meters, closed-circuit equipment from 400 meters and underwater transport platforms from a 1000 metres radius.

Domestic ARAS-2023 for Turkish Indigenous LHD

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