AYESAŞ to Provide Communication for TEI's Engine

AYESAŞ to Provide Communication for TEI's Engine 21 November, 2019

TEI - TUSAS Motor Industry Inc and Aydin Software and Electronic Industry Inc. (AYESAŞ) have signed a cooperation agreement for the development of Digital Motor Control System (Sayısal Motor Kontrol Sistemi /SMKS). AYESAŞ's SKMS project will regulate the information flow between the platform and the engine.

The signing ceremony took place in Eskişehir at TEI’s Campus. TEI Chairman and General Manager Dr. Mahmut Faruk Akşit and AYESAŞ General Manager Öner Tekin and authorities Defence Industry Presidency attended.

SKMS will send commands to actuators in line with the interface with the platform, the information from the sensors and the commands from the user so that the engine will operate as desired. SMKS, which is the whole of the system that includes the control and health functions of the engine, will reduce its dependence on foreign production in aviation engines as a national project and will be developed for the first time with domestic opportunities.

AYESAŞ will undertake the design, equipment and manufacturing of SKMS. SMKS is part of the Turboshaft Engine Development Project.

AYESAŞ to Provide Communication for TEI's Engine

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