Tension Rises in Pacific, China is Angry

Tension Rises in Pacific, China is Angry 12 December, 2016

China took offence as the US develops relations with Taiwan. China's defence ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said in a press briefing: "China firmly opposes any kind of military exchanges between Taiwan and the U.S." According to state-run Global Times news agency the spokesman added: "What the U.S. Congress has done has interfered with China's domestic affairs, undermined the cross-Straits stability, infringed upon China's sovereignty and security and would finally harm the interests of the U.S."

The spokesman also urged the United States to "correct their mistakes", and that China retains the right to "take further action" in response to the adoption of the bill. 

The bill in subject passed the U.S. Senate Friday and waits for Barack Obama's signature. The bill seems quite unchanged, involving joint drills between the US and Taiwan and military acquisitions in export basis. However, the Minister of Defence requests to conduct a program of senior military exchanges between the United States and Taiwan, and also calls for a briefing by February. The main topic of this briefing would be on the feasibility of U.S. port calls in the Pacific by Taiwanese forces.

Tension Rises in Pacific, China is Angry

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