The First Post-Pandemic Expo from Ukraine 27 August, 2020

Ukraine organises Arms and Security Fair annually in Kyiv. A second fair is organized in a separate hall. This year, the 17th Arms and Security will take place and the 12th the International Aviation and Space Hall (AVIASVIT) will take place. While no face-to-face fair has been held since March due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Ukrainian officials will continue their work in this area until the last moment. We interviewed Ivan Tkachenko, Deputy General Manager of the International Exhibition Centre.


Pointing out that Ukraine is a space and aviation country, Tkachenko drew attention to the legislative change that took place at the end of 2019. Until then, space studies were carried out by the state-controlled Ukrainian Space Agency. This change paved the way for the establishment of private space organizations. Private organizations can carry out studies and receive investments in space on equal terms with the state.


Tkachenko spoke briefly as follows; Arms and Security and AVIASVIT this year are among the few remaining exhibitions in the world, which are not postponed or canceled. We hope to maintain this status to the very end. This brings us both pros and cons.


Among the pros one should name the increased interest from companies that used to have no time to visit or take part due to the overloaded exhibition schedules during last years. As for now, due to the current situation there is time to pay more attention to studying the potential of Ukraine. Therefore, this year such giants as Lockheed Martin and Embraer have decided to become the exhibitors. What is more, we expect the increase in attendance, since people miss the large-scale exhibitions and meetings with international partners and colleagues.

As for the cons, of course, there still exist the fear of new travel rules, as well as the threat of being quarantined.


Last year, the US arms embargo on Ukraine was ended. This decision means green light for other countries. They can modernize the Ukrainian armed forces and put new defence technologies into use. The USA will participate in the fair with nine companies in this context. Turkey, as well as Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Lithuania Belarus, Kazakhstan and company representatives will take part in the fair.


Turkey also occurred in the recent period in terms of relationships Ukraine will reveal expectations for this exhibition. Signed a radio agreement between ASELSAN and Spetstechnoexport SE.


Joint production of the new medium-range air defence missile system was discussed at the 2019 Arms and Security fair.

Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian Navy STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. exchanged views on many platforms.


In August 2019, Ukrspetsexport SC and Baykar made a joint investment in aviation.

Ivchenko-Progress engines produced by the company were delivered to Turkey. Turkey, Ivchenko-Progress SA has ordered the company to the engine.


Ukrainian Air Force made its first purchase with Bayraktar TB2 from Baykar after the country gained its independence. Baykar's next target will be the attack UAV. The Ukrainian engine will be used here. Ukraine and Turkey have an extraordinary potential for cooperation. By combining our strengths, we can manufacture the world's best turboprop and turbojet engines.


The detailed interview about the fair will take place in our 89th issue to be published in September.

The First Post-Pandemic Expo from Ukraine

Issue 86