the UK is not Retiring Battle Tanks

the UK is not Retiring Battle Tanks 15 September, 2020

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has dismissed earlier reports that the British Army is planning to retire its tanks.

Last month, The Times’ reported that the British Army was planning to focus on evolving technologies such as cyber and space warfare. As a result of such efforts Main Battle Tanks like Challenger 2

(MBTs) Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) would be retired

Denying the speculation, Wallace told BBC: “The idea that tanks won’t be there for the army, upgraded and modernised, is wrong.”

The publication claimed that the government is considering axing ageing 227 Challenger tanks as part of its integrated defence and security review.

Secretary Wallace confirmed that the number of tanks might be reduced but the whole fleet is not part of the intention.

Wallace further told BBC: “We’re going to make sure we have an armed forces fit for the 21st century and meets our obligations to Nato and elsewhere.

“We are not scrapping all the British army’s tanks and we will make sure the ones we maintain are up to date, lethal and defendable.”

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