The US Plans $8 Billion Fighter Jet Sale to Taiwan

The US Plans $8 Billion Fighter Jet Sale to Taiwan 17 August, 2019

Republic of China (Taiwan) Air Force (RoCAF) has confirmed it will be getting new F-16s. An infographic put out by the RoCAF has confirmed that it will be getting new F-16s. The RoCAF says it will stand up a new tactical fighter wing for these new jets. It should be made up of three squadrons. The jets will also come with conformal fuel tanks and uprated engines – which could mean the GE F110.

Earlier, the Washington Post said the Trump administration has put up the $8 billion worth sales package for informal review to Congress.

The United States has not sold new fighter jets to Taiwan since 1992 and the Taiwanese government wants to acquire 66 F-16 fighter jets.

The State Department submitted the package to Congress for informal review late Thursday, and it is not expected to meet opposition.

Taiwan split from China in 1949 and set up a rival government in Taipei. Beijing continues to view the self-governing island as a renegade state that will one-day return to China. To prevent an outbreak of hostilities that would draw in the United States, every president since Richard Nixon has acknowledged the Chinese position that Taiwan is part of China, but continues to have unofficial relations with Taiwan.

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