The US Prepares Counter-UAV System For Combat

The US Prepares Counter-UAV System For Combat 11 October, 2017

Leonardo DRS has been awarded a contract for Mobile Low, Slow Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Integrated Defense Systems, or MLIDS, which were developed to shoot down and disable small drones. The US Army will deploy and test the system in combat next year, a DRS official said Monday at the AUSA annual conference in Washington. 

Although the number of MLIDS to be supplied was not disclosed, the relevant contract is known to worth up to $42 million. 

MLIDS is a collection of different sensors and weapon systems for counter-UAS mission, and mounted on top of two separate all-terrain mine resistant ambush-protected vehicles. The first vehicle would be equipped with an elevated electro-optical infrared system while the other will feature a radar and armed with a variety of kinetic weapons. 

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