Tor's Hammer Arrived to Armenia

Tor's Hammer Arrived to Armenia 26 December, 2019

Armenia focused a new procurement on its limited defense budget in 2019. Country has announced another procurement. In a statement from Yerevan, it is announced that the country received the new party of air defence systems ordered from Russia.

Announcing the procurement agreement of Su-30 in 2019, the Yerevan administration recently received another party from Tor-M2KM air defence systems, which it procured from Russia. 2019 production delivery package includes autonomous training devices, logistics systems and command-control vehicles. While Armenia did not explain how many systems were delivered in total, it was found that there were at least two missile launchers. It is also determined that the received systems are deployed on the KAMAZ-63501 8x8 chassis.

Tor's Hammer Arrived to Armenia

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