Trial Phase Started of TCG Anadolu

Trial Phase Started of TCG Anadolu 3 July, 2020

TCG Anadolu (L 400), which will constitute an important multiplier for the power and capability of the Turkish Navy in the blue waters, is counting days to enter the inventory.

Sedef Shipyard, which carries out the construction activities of TCG Anadolu, has announced that the port acceptance trials of landing helicopter dock platform have begun. In the post shared by the company's social media account, there is "The 94th Anniversary of the Maritime and Cabotage Day, which was declared a national holiday within the scope of the Cabotage Law, which came into force on 1 July 1926; In the memory of the start of the Port Acceptance Tests…"  description.

The platform, which was announced to have completed the main drive and propulsion system integration activities in the past months, will be subject to some trials during the port acceptance trial phase. In this context, the equipment such as the propulsion, control and main management system of the ship will be tested. Thus, a failure in the propulsion, control and maintenance equipment of the platform will be prevented before the sea trials.

Trial Phase Started of TCG Anadolu

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