Trials of TL-4 is Near Final Phase

Trials of TL-4 is Near Final Phase 12 November, 2018

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) has announced that it is testing its new TL-4 antitank guided missile. The announcement came during Airshow China.

During the testing process is about to be completed, the company said that the missile can successfully destroy the desired targets. The missile is covered with protective box which is 1.2 meters long, 174 mm wide and 178 mm high. The system can be equipped with a tandem warhead, and can be equipped with a fragmentation warhead against soft targets. The missile, which can engage to targets with an infrared (IR) scanner, can destroy targets in the range of 0.5 km to 6 km with IR guidance. Missile’s ready-to-launch weight is 30 kilograms and it can be ready to launch in 30 seconds. It allows for +10 to -10 degree vertical and +60 to -60 degrees lateral movement range.

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