Tu-22M3M Reaches Supersonic Speed

Tu-22M3M Reaches Supersonic Speed 27 May, 2020

Russia's Tu-22M3M supersonic long-range strategic bomber, through the modernization process, was tested at supersonic speed. A source told the TASS news agency that the second prototype of the Tu-22M3M completed a total of five test flights. The platform reached supersonic speed during the fourth flight. "Preliminary trials are scheduled for completion in 2020," the source added. The second prototype of the Tu-22M3M bomber successfully carried out its first flight in March 2020. The purpose of the flight was to assess the departure and landing features of the platform and test the information control system. At the end of the modernization process, Tu-22M3Ms are planned to be equipped with a refuelling rod that allows platforms to refuel during flight, thus increasing airborne time and operational range. With the refuelling probe, Russia will be able to carry its missile power to longer range.

Equipped with a new digital avionics package, the Tu-22M3M is a modernized version of the Tu-22M3 platform.

TASS shared information at the beginning of May that a new hypersonic missile designed for the bomber was being tested. The ammunition was tested at the Tu-22M3.

Head of the Defence and Security Council Federation Committee Viktor Bondarev,  said that an upgraded version of the bomber could carry X-32 cruise missiles and hypersonic missiles.

Tu-22M3M Reaches Supersonic Speed

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