TUBITAK SAGE Develops Attitude Control Thruster

TUBITAK SAGE Develops Attitude Control Thruster 12 June, 2020

Missile Attitude Control Thruster is critical for missiles and rockets to perform sharp manoeuvres, especially at very high speeds. The equipment, which should provide instant thrust with high precision and seen as an important milestone in the missile manoeuvre control technologies field, is also used for directing missiles launched from vertical launchers towards the target direction.

TÜBİTAK SAGE (Defence Industry Research and Development Institute) has added a new one to its studies in the missile control technologies area. In the post shared from the official Twitter account of the institution, "As TÜBİTAK SAGE, we are developing missile attitude control thruster in addition to cold launch system on the way to the Air Defence Systems with advanced low reaction time and safe launch technologies." It was informed that the works were carried out about the system with the phrase.

SAGE Institute Director Gürcan Okumuş had participated in a live broadcast from the official Instagram account of C4Defence in the past weeks. Okumuş stated that different studies have been carried out in the field of missile control as well as SAGE's cold launch system (Cold Launch).

Orientation Changing Systems can be defined as thrust nozzles positioned mainly in various parts of guided rounds or spacecraft. The equipment is used for directing missiles that leave the lancet to the target with the cold launch method and for the execution of the missile's targeting at high speeds or avoiding countermeasure systems. In addition, the said component is also used for stabilization and vacuuming of spacecraft. The management change system avionics, which processes the data received from the computer that calculates the flight trajectory, determines the spray time and duration by calculating the manoeuvre to be made in a short time with high precision. Then, the fuel previously stored in the body of the flyer is sprayed from the nozzles within the calculated parameters and directs the system in the desired trajectory. Orientation switching systems allow much sharper manoeuvres than structural flight control equipment (moving fins and control interfaces).

Aster-15 and Aster-30 family missiles used in the SAMP / T air defence system also have a similar guidance system. Especially thanks to its manoeuvrability, the ammunition, which stands out for accuracy, offers the ability to instantly manoeuvre 60G during flight with 4.5 Mach speed. Turkey also carrying out joint studies with manufacturer countries; Italy and France within the layered air defence concept on SAMP / T system.

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TUBITAK SAGE Develops Attitude Control Thruster

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