Turaç Points 2021 for Anti-Aircraft Rounds

Turaç Points 2021 for Anti-Aircraft Rounds 6 May, 2020

Fatih Altunbaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turaç, which operates in the ammunition production area and also has the Sterling brand, has been a guest of live broadcast on the official Instagram account of C4Defence. Altunbaş made statements about the company's anti-aircraft round studies.

Turaç marked the beginning of 2021 for the production of 12.7x99 mm ammunition, also known as .50 caliber, which is the most widely used anti-aircraft ammunition of the Western block and also has different types including special purpose rounds. Stating that the production of .45 ACP ammunition is targeted for 2020, Altunbaş announced that the ammunition will be released in the autumn season. After the company's 12,7x99 studies, it was stated that the target was 20 mm gun shells, while in the next stage, it was announced that the 40 mm anti-aircraft ammunition would be manufactured with private sector capabilities.

You can reach the whole broadcast later on our C4Defence TV Youtube channel.

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