Eco-Friendly Munitions from Turaç

Eco-Friendly Munitions from Turaç 13 July, 2020

Turaç company, which produces light weapons ammunition in the field of hunting and shooting as well as the defence industry, started producing 9 mm Parabellum Total Full Metal Jacket (TFMJ) and non-environmentally damaging ammunition.

The core of the ammunition, called "Green flares", is covered in copper and nickel. With this feature, the lead that falls into the soil in polygons or nature does not interfere with the soil thanks to the core, copper and nickel coating. Thus, soil poisoning is prevented by oscillation.

Stating that TFMJ is a new trend in the world, Turaç Chairman Fatih Altunbaş stated that his company in Turkey is the first company to develop products in this field.

The ammunition was introduced on World Environment Day on June 5th.

Eco-Friendly Munitions from Turaç

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