Turkish Navy Ready for Operation

Turkish Navy Ready for Operation 2 May, 2020

The Turkish Army is in charge of their duties regardless of conditions. Naval Forces Command continues its training activities despite COVID-19.

The Turkish Armed Forces continues its training activities without interrupting with COVID-19 measures. The Amphibious Task Group Command affiliated to the Naval Forces Command conducted "Combat Readiness Training" in the Aegean Sea on April 27-28. According to the statement made by the force, 18 warships and UAVs, as well as elements of the Amphibious Infantry Brigade, participated in the activity.

TCG Bayraktar (L 402) and TCG Sancaktar (L 403) landing ships, which are built by the Anatolian Shipyard and which are the largest and most equipped platforms of their class, were assigned in the training. The activities also included 151 Class Tank Landing Ships built in Anadolu Shipyard within the scope of the Fast Amphibious Ship (LCT) Project.

Turkish Navy Ready for Operation

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