Tur-k Export From Ukraine to Bangladesh

Tur-k Export From Ukraine to Bangladesh 25 July, 2017

The Bangladesh Armed Forces and General Directorate of Police have awarded two separate armored personnel carrier contracts to Turkish "Delta Defense Defense Sanayii A.Ş.". The company represents the appropriate version of the 6TD tank engine, which is being procured from Ukraine for the Altay main battle tank. This time, the company has adapted the DOZER B vehicles produced in Ukraine to the Bangladesh tender specifications and designated the new version as TUR-K. According to the information we obtained from the company, Delta Defence has won the armored personnel carrier tender which was issued by General Directorate of Security in Bangladesh and the Armed Forces. The company presented the changes on Ukraine's DOZER B requested by the Bangladesh Armed Forces through TUR-K2 version. The vehicles that successfully passed the tests were accepted by the service. The company will deliver 100 DOZER-B TUR-K2 to the armed forces in 2018, 150 in 2019 and a total of 600 in five years. On the other hand, the company will deliver the first two orders of the TUR-K3 version, the 6x6 armored personnel carrier, within nine months. The service will purchase 80 vehicles. The export contract has a value of approximately $1 billion.

Tur-k Export From Ukraine to Bangladesh

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