Turkey Imported from Ukraine

Turkey Imported from Ukraine 23 March, 2020

Turkey, which focuses on using domestic products, referring to the imported products in line with the needs time to time.

Ukrainian state-owned Ukrspetsexport subsidiary, announced delivery of the radar system to Turkey. According to a report published in Ukraine, the company exported NPE Aerotechnics-MLT radar systems product two Ural and KrAZ chassis MARS-L radar system and KrAZ chassis mounted P-180U. The total cost of the delivery was announced as 11,144 million USD.

Delivery of systems has taken in an agreement, which signed in December 2019 with SSTEK Defence Technologies. MARS-L, which is a Mobile Integrated Terrestrial Radar, has a jamming-resistant structure. The system, which stands out with its low radiation level, provides information to the user such as the coordinates, speed and altitude of flying objects. In addition, it provides tracking of flight number, altitude, remaining fuel and air vehicle system situation. In this way, radar prevents flight defence systems from damaging civil air traffic while increasing flight safety.

The P-180U, which operates in meter wavelength form, performs tasks such as sharing radar information as well as flight routes of aircraft.

Turkey Imported from Ukraine

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