Turkey Interested In HMS Ocean

Turkey Interested In HMS Ocean 15 November, 2017

The United Kingdom Defence Secretary Tobias Ellwood noted that Turkey is interested in the Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) HMS Ocean L12.

Former secretary Jones asked the Ministry, "What kind of declaration has been made by the Turkish government if an improvement has not been made with Brazil in the procurement of the HMS Ocean Landing Helicopter Dock?", and Ellwood replied as "Turkey informed us that they were interested in the HMS Ocean."

HMS Oceans came to Aksaz Naval Base for Eastern Mediterranean-2017 Invitation Exercise held by Turkey.

HMS Ocean is the flagship of the Royal Navy. The vessel can carry 18 helicopters on board and 40 land vehicles and 830 soldiers.

HMS Ocean will be retired in 2018. The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will replace her. 

Turkey Interested In HMS Ocean

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