Turkey's First Hybride Armored Concept at IDEF'17

Turkey's First Hybride Armored Concept at IDEF'17 8 May, 2017

Turkish defence industry will have its first hybrid armored vehicle by entgrating the electric motor developed by ASELSAN in Katmerciler's armored combat vehicle HIZIR. Having completed its road and performance tests, HIZIR is a 4x4 tactical wheeled armored combat vehicle in conformity with NATO standards with its strengthened ballistic and mine protection. Incorporating the electric motor into the vehicle will allow development of smaller, more maneuverable, faster vehicles, according to the company. Emphasizing that the hybrid engine concept will offer significant opportunities in designing and developing new generation armored vehicles, Katmerciler's deputy chief executive officer Furkan Katmerci underscores that this would be one of the most important benefits of reducing the dependency on foreign defence systems.

In addition to HIZIR, Katmerciler brings its armored personnel carrier KHAN, armor system NEFER and new 4x4 armored ambulance to the fair. 

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