Turkish Armoured Vehicles Trust to Domestic Recovery Vehicle

Turkish Armoured Vehicles Trust to Domestic Recovery Vehicle 10 August, 2020

Armoured recovery vehicles come to the fore as very critical platforms thanks to their ability to pull the destroyed/knocked-out or evacuated vehicles even under fire when necessary, and move them away to the safe zone.

Deliveries of M4K (Mayına Karşı Kısmi Korumalı Kurtarıcı / Partially Mine-Protected Recovery), developed within the scope of the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, have been completed. The Presidency of Defence Industries announced the news from its social media accounts with the "We have successfully concluded another project. We have delivered all of the Partially Mine-Protected Recovery Vehicle # M4Ks produced locally by MPG in order to use and recovery of tactical wheeled vehicles in the Turkish Army inventory." Thus, a total of 29 platforms were entered to the Turkish Army's inventory within the scope of the process, with a total cost of 13,312 million USD.

The platforms produced at MPG facilities operating in Konya were integrated on the Seyit 8x8 truck chassis. The four-crew cabin is resistant to small arms ammunition and shrapnel, as well as mines and IEDs that explode under the body, the M4K has an automatic fire extinguisher and explosion suppression system and shock-absorbing seats. The telescopic main crane with three rope drums of the platform, has a 25,000 kilograms lifting capacity from 7 metres distance. Vehicles reaching superior off-road capability thanks to the central tire inflation system; can continue its movement even in difficult situations thanks to the run-flat tires. The M4K is driven by an automatic gearbox with torque converter integrated into the 600 HP diesel engine. In addition to them, platform equipped with ASELSAN Sarp RCWS for self-defence.

Turkish Armoured Vehicles Trust to Domestic Recovery Vehicle

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