Turkish EW System Entered Inventory

Turkish EW System Entered Inventory 9 December, 2016

Turkish Ministry of National Defence announced on their official twitter account that KORAL Mobile Electronic Warfare System, indigeniously developed under the ‘Land Based Remote Electronic Support/Electronic Assault’ contract signed between ASELSAN and Turkey Undersecreteriat of Defence Industry, has entered Turkish Armed Forces’ inventory on 8 December.  KORAL was delivered to Turkish Air Force in February 2016 during a handover ceremony.
KORAL Mobile Electronic Warfare System consists of a wide frequency band electronic support system (KORAL ED) which is mounted on military tactical vehicles and electronic assault system (KORAL ET). KORAL ED system detects, indentifies and finds directions of radar transmissions while KORAL ET has the ability to jam, deceive, and paralyse hostile radars.

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