Turkish Footprint in Taiwanese Jet

Turkish Footprint in Taiwanese Jet 26 November, 2016

A claim emerged that Turkish design were involved in an Advanced Jet Training Aircraft Project which were being conducted completely indigeniously by Taiwan. According to an article published in UK’s Shepard Media, following Taiwan President Tsa Ing-wen’s demand on “completely indigenious defence product”, 66 aircraft-supply program underwent some amendments. Accordng to the new acquisition policy, the first design of the aircraft to replace Taiwan’s AT-3s should be completed until September 2019. The design, which is to be made by National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST), should be manufacturable by Taiwanese industry, specifically by Aerospace Industry Development Corporation (AIDC). Even though the demand was that the aircraft to be indigenious, it was claimed that NCSIST ve AIDC contacted Sierra Nevada Corporation, located in the US and owned by Turkish businessman Fatih Özmen. The article stated that the company did not answer questions relevant to this subject. Özmen’s other company TRJet, located in Turkey, is involved in Regional Passenger Aircraft project. 

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