Turkish İŞBİR Turns a Hand in Renewable Energy

Turkish İŞBİR Turns a Hand in Renewable Energy 29 November, 2016

Turkish Armed Forces Development Foundation company İŞBİR A.Ş., a generator manufacturer for many state institutions and organizations - Turkish Armed Forces being in the first place, acquired a new vision. Having various alternators in its product range, the company will utilize this experience in different areas.
The two-day Generator and Energy Systems Workshop, organized by İŞBİR Elektrik and held in Balıkesir, has been finished as of today. During the workshop, participated by the Chairman of the Executive Board of the company Haluk Çetinkaya, the capabilities of İŞBİR facilities and visions of the company were reported. C4Defence were also present at the sessions of the workshop, during which the future of the wind and solar energy were discussed. One of the main subjects of the sessions were the current and planned developments in wind energy sector. The latest developments in Turkey regarding wind turbines were examined comprehensively. 
Moderated by İŞBİR’s General Manager Burhan Özgür, the need for modernization of İŞBİR facilities was also on the agenda of the workshop. This modernization process goes two ways; first, the investments made 40 years before will be renewed and secondly, new systems will be acquired that reduce the wastage and save time for production department. In this frame, İŞBİR will establish a Research and Development (R&D) Investment Centre. 
Answering C4Defence’s questions, İŞBİR’s General Manager Burhan Özgür said: “We aim to increase our market share and thus, we need to invest in technology. Our goal is to enhance our business range and increase market shares simultaneously, depending upon the positive results we expect to obtain from the new R&D Centre.”

Issue 86