Turkish Navy to Provide Security for Seismic Surveys

Turkish Navy to Provide Security for Seismic Surveys 11 August, 2020

Turkish Navy, which has a powerful rooted tradition, provides the security of the seismic survey activities carried out by Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Ankara had declared Navtex in the Eastern Mediterranean for seismic research activities. MTA Oruç Reis, who anchored in the scope of the works, started to deployment in the region with the accompanying Turkish Navy vessels. As the relevant share his from the Ministry of Defence's official social media accounts, "MTA  ORUC REIS began the seismic survey activities with the Turkish Navy escort and protection at Turkey's maritime jurisdiction areas in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkish Armed Forces and maritime authorities has taken all necessary measures within the framework of determination to protect our rights, interests and interests arising from international law in our fields. " with description.

In the images published with the announcement, it was seen that MTA Oruc Reis was accompanied by 1 MEKO 200TN (Serving in two classes as Yavuz and Barbaros in the Turkish Navy) class frigate and four Burak class corvettes. It was observed that the platforms continued their navigation in the HVU (High Valuable Unit) Formation, which is frequently used by naval forces to protect valuable vessels.

Classified as multi-purpose frigates, MEKO 200TNs can perform anti-air and anti-surface warfare missions thanks to the Mk45 127 mm main gun produced by Oto Melara and Mk32 324 mm torpedo tubes, as well as RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship, RIM-7 Sea Sparrow air defence missiles. In addition, ships can also perform anti-submarine warfare against underwater threats thanks to the AB212 ASW or S-70 Sea Hawk naval helicopters in their hangar. Some of the MEKO 200TN, which have been modernized in recent years, include an eight-cell vertical launch system, RIM-162 ESSM air defence missile and more advanced electronics. Burak class corvettes, which have a very good patrol capability thanks to their long-range, hydrodynamic hull design and advanced maritime capabilities, have a 100 mm main gun integrated into the CADAM turret. Platforms can also perform activities to intercept enemy underwater elements, thanks to the 375 mm anti-submarine warfare rockets with six launchers located in the mid-section.

The fourth Burak class corvette at the back of the task group was determined as TCG Beykoz (F 503), which was modernized under the leadership of ARMERKOM of the Turkish Naval Forces Command. The scanning and fire control radar equipment was modernized with domestic systems and the main weapon of the corvette was replaced with the 76 mm Oto Melara cannon.

Turkish Navy to Provide Security for Seismic Surveys

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