Turkish Ship to Indian Navy

Turkish Ship to Indian Navy 24 March, 2020

According to allegations published in the Economic Times problems between Turkey and India on vessel procurement, exceeded.

TAIS, a joint subsidiary of Sedef, Sefine and Anadolu Shipyards, is preparing to procure Logistic Support Vessel (LSV) to the Indian Navy. TAIS won the tender with 2,3 billion US Dollar package of India to provide technological support for five platforms New Delhi gave hold to the process due to Turkey's close relations with Pakistan. In Islamabad on Pakistan and Turkey made a joint declaration about Jammu-Kashmir ant this strained Turkish-Indian relations and caused disruptions to the process.

India's state-owned shipyard Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) had pending the signing of the agreement in October 2019. The Indian side then asked the relevant authorities to make additional assessments. After the necessary examinations and formalities, the Indian side decided to continue with the TAIS and signed the agreement last month.

The Indian Navy made a request for the need for five logistics support ships in 2016. It was agreed that the construction activities of the platforms, which will be weighed 45 thousand tons, will be carried out in HSL, and the necessary technical support will be procured by TAIS.

The Turkish side, on the other hand, approaches the Pakistani side carefully due to its tense relations with India. Ankara is making efforts to avoid the strain of diplomatic relations, with the saying that not only advanced weapon systems and ammunition but logistic support is provided to India. Until this news was published, C4Defence did not receive answers from TAIS.

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