Turkish SOM on American F-35?

Turkish SOM on American F-35? 16 December, 2017

The ROKETSAN company, which manufactures SOM for the Turkish Air Force, announced that it could export the same product to the USA. Speaking to the US magazine "National Defense Magazine," ROKETSAN officials noted that the SOM-J missile developed for the F-35 could also be sold to the US. An interview with the company's production engineer Esin Dağ was published under the title "Turkish Missile Could Be Integrated on F-35". It is pointed out in the article that ROKETSAN has developed this missile with US company Lockheed Martin and that the missile will soon be certified for Turkish F-35s.

Esin Dağ said, "The US Air Force and Navy are not currently in need. The US government can benefit from ROKETSAN's development and integration investment for SOM-J to provide additional flexibility and firepower for the F-35. "

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