Attack on Russo-Turkish Patrol at Idlib

Attack on Russo-Turkish Patrol at Idlib 16 June, 2020

After the Peace Spring Operation, which carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces in Northern Syria, it was decided that Turkish and Russian soldiers will carry out joint patrols in the region.

Joint activities, which stopped when the Turkish Army being attacked in Idlib and the Spring Shield Operation resumed after the operation. The joint task force, which carrying out patrol activities in the Idlib De-Escalating Zone, was attacked by radical militants in the region today. The incident occurred between Ariha and Urum al-Jawz, where located on the South Idlib section of the M4 Motorway. An improvised explosive device that was previously hidden on the road exploded during the passage of the task force near a BTR-82A armoured personnel carrier belonging to the Russian Military Police. While there was no personnel loss in the incident, the vehicle in question received minor damage.

In the images shared on social media, it was seen that the damaged BTR-82A towed by a Turkish M984 Wrecker recovery vehicle.

Attack on Russo-Turkish Patrol at Idlib

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