Turreted Armoured Mortar Carrier on Trials

Turreted Armoured Mortar Carrier on Trials 23 May, 2020

Turreted armoured mortar vehicles bring personnel safety to the fore with their ability to shoot under armour protection as well as being able to carry out missions without being contaminated in CBRN environment.

The US Army, which has been searching for a turretrf armoured mortar carrier for some time and have carried out some studies, signed an agreement with Finnish Patria. Feasibility studies will be carried out for the Nemo 120 mm turreted, breech-loading mortar system within the scope of the contract, which is described as Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).

Within the contract, 120 mm Mortar Future Indirect Fire Turret (FIFT) will be developed for use in Army's Stryker Brigades. The system is planned to be based on Patria Nemo, which allows direct and indirect firing, as well as simultaneously impact of six rounds on a single target at the same time, providing armour protection to the crew. The U.S. had conducted extensive trials with the AMV mounted Nemo last year.

In the conventional armoured mortar vehicles, the barrel is either stabilized on the ground outside the vehicle, or a mortar system is elevated by opening the hatches on the platform. This situation causes the personnel to work without CBRN protection and to be a clear target against artillery fragments and splinters.

Turreted Armoured Mortar Carrier on Trials

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