Turtledove is Ready for Flight

Turtledove is Ready for Flight 5 September, 2016

Ukraine is ready for serial production of its new unmanned aerial and ground systems. In a statement made in August, Ukroboronprom declared they were ready to produce its new AN-BK-1 Horlytsia (Turtledove) multirole tactical unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and Phantom multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). Developed by Antonov in cooperation with other Ukrainian companies, new UAS and UGVs are expected to enter the inventory of the Russian Armed Forces. AN-BK-1 UAS has an endurance of 7 hours, operational ceiling of 5,000 m and an operational radius of 80 km. New UAS also features a high-definition electro-optical/infrared sensor turret and communications equipment. Ukroboronprom added that the phantom ground vehicle could be armed with a system similar to the 100 mm Stugna laser-guided projectile.

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