Turkish Aimed International Space Market

Turkish Aimed International Space Market 21 April, 2020

TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil has been a guest on C4Defence's Instagram account. Kotil made important statements about Turkish Aerospace's space studies.

TUSAŞ, which conducts space studies in addition to aviation and has an important infrastructure in this field, increases its activities in space. Answering C4Defence's live broadcast questions, Kotil has announced that a Turkish Aerospace is working with Argentinian company on a project for more than a year. While there was no detailed explanation due to the incomplete process, it was informed that the process was close to the final phase. Continuing his words with the sentence targeting success in the international market with the Small Geo Project, Kotil stated that an alternative will be created for Türksat 6A with the mentioned process.

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