Two in One Mortar

Two in One Mortar 16 August, 2019

Rheinmetall has developed a new 60mm mortar for infantry and special forces. The RSG60 weapon system, which stands out with it is very light and easy to handle design, can turn into commando version, which weighs 6.8 kg, from standard infantry version, which weighs 15.8 kg, with few manual adjustments without any tools.


With a carbon fibre-coated steel barrel of about 70 cm in length, the system is thirty per cent lighter than conventional mortars and can be ready to fire in seconds. According to the munition and charge used, the standard infantry version can shoot up to 3200 meters, while the commando version is limited to 2000 meters due to its compact structure.


The design work began at the Rheinmetall Waffe Munition in October 2017 to make the company's 60 mm mortar and ammunition family suitable for future combat conditions.

Two in One Mortar

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