Typhoon To Drop Into Conflict Zone

Typhoon To Drop Into Conflict Zone 5 January, 2018

The Russian Ministry of Defence has released the first photo of a prototype of its new light airborne armoured vehicle, the Typhoon VDV. The ministry noted that the vehicle had undergone comprehensive tests, highlighting the presence of high protection and modern weapon systems. The vehicle was developed in response to rapidly improving small-arms technologies. armoured and armed Typhoon VDV is can be dropped into a conflict zone via parachute. The advanced armour technology it carries increases the weight of the vehicle. The ministry also announced that in 2019, after the completion of all tests, serial production is planned to begin.

The Typhoon armoured vehicle family was developed in the beginning of 2010. Vehicles delivered to the Russian Army from 2015 can reach a speed of 105 km/h. Typhoon, having a range of one thousand 400 kilometres with its fuel tank, features an independent hydropneumatic suspension. The vehicle can carry 17 troops, including the driver. Night vision systems and remote-controlled weapons are located outside the vehicle to increase the situational awareness of the personnel.

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